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Research-backed Programming

To isolate the impact of the program on young people’s outcomes, C2C partnered with the University of Chicago Crime Lab and Education Lab to rigorously evaluate the program’s impact on behavioral and academic outcomes through a randomized controlled trial. Below is a brief review of the mid-study findings.

Reduced engagement in violence and justice system interactions

C2C shows persistent impact on reducing both justice system contact & violence engagement 2-3 years after the program starts.

Violent-Crime Arrests

C2C youth have 48% fewer violent-crime arrests than their control peers at program end. Remarkably, these impacts persist as C2C youth have 38% fewer violent-crime arrests than their control peers one and a half years after the program ends.

Justice System Contact

At the program’s conclusion, C2C youth are 39% less likely to have any arrest at all compared to the control group. Once again, we see this impact persist after the program ends, with C2C youth being 33% less likely to have any arrest at all compared to their control peers two and a half years after the program ends.

Improved engagement in school attendance and misconduct

Through participation in the program, C2C improves youth engagement with the traditional school system.

School Attendance

C2C youth attend an additional seven days of school in the year after they start the program compared to their control peers (a 6% increase in attendance).

School Misconduct

C2C youth have 32% percent fewer misconduct incidents in school than their control peers in the year after the program’s start.

Our Participants

During my expedition with YAP and Children’s Home & Aid I went through a variety of things… [the] excellent coaches of these two programs deserve the credit as to why I am standing here free, alive, and a Black man in Chicago.

― Malik Hicks, C2C Alum

I would have never graduated high school and I wouldn’t have been in college. None of the stuff that’s happened that has made me better myself would have happened. I still would’ve been here in the same situation and probably homeless. [C2C] saved my life.

― Miracle Holman, C2C Alum

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