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Program Overview

At the core of the C2C model is the combination of intensive youth wraparound services and advocacy along with a trauma-informed group therapy called SPARCS (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress).

Key Components

Around-the-clock Support and Crisis Intervention

YAP advocates are available 24/7 to provide immediate support when crises arise and to help youth learn new ways of responding to challenges.

Advocacy and Self Reliance (space space)

Advocates balance advocating on young people’s behalf with teaching C2C participants how to advocate for themselves in moments of conflict and how to achieve their goals.

Strength-based Engagement (space )

C2C recognizes and nurtures a young person’s potential with relentless engagement and support throughout the program.

Individualized Support

YAP advocates formally identify young people’s strengths, needs, preferences and goals across a spectrum of life domains to develop individualized service plans that become the basis of support.

Creating a Sense of Security

The program helps youth and their family meet basic needs, as it includes consistent contact, care, wraparound services and engagement with families to create a social safety net that youth can rely on even after their program participation ends.

Staff-Youth Reliability

Similarity of background between youth, advocates and coaches – including coming from the same community and sharing similar experiences – is key to building strong and trusting relationships.

New Experiences & Group Activities

New opportunities with peers can help youth process trauma by experiencing safety and relaxation in new environments. It also allows youth the opportunity to practice new ways of coping and choosing instead of reacting with peers that are working to make the same changes. C2C also exposes young people to new career opportunities inside and outside their communities.

Trauma-informed Therapy

Trauma-informed group therapy provided by Children’s Home & Aid offers youth a safe space to feel heard and help them understand how past experiences can impact their thoughts and emotions. Young people develop new tools and skills that seek to increase self-awareness, enhance self-efficacy, and create meaning.

Applied Learning (SPACE)

Because advocates attend group therapy sessions with youth and the therapists and have a deep understanding of the value of these sessions, they are able to reinforce learned skills in daily interactions with youth. This understanding helps young people build new habits and respond in healthier ways to their personal challenges. Therapists are called coaches which highlights the tool-building approach of the behavioral health services.

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